Friday, 15 February 2013

Fitzrovia Lates: Thursday 28 February

Upcoming show: Samuel Bassett

We are more than happy to present Samuel Bassett: Rutting with the work experience kid from Friday 8 March. After six years of helping to expand the Cornish art scene, Bassett returns to London with his second solo show at Nancy Victor. This exhibition comprises a collection of recent paintings, drawings and prints exploring split personalities and multiple personas. Join us for the opening night on Thursday 7 March, 6.30 - 8.30pm

A lecturer at Truro College, Bassett studied at Falmouth University, The Arts Institute Bournemouth and later founded LETH Projects, a curatorial platform for emergent arts in Cornwall. He has had several solo shows in London and Cornwall, is a participant in the arts collective TAP and a partner in BUCCA Gallery for emerging arts in Cornwall. 
Exhibition runs from 8 March - 8 April

Monday, 11 February 2013

Found Memories - Wayne Chisnall

We are delighted to present Found Memories, a solo show by Wayne Chisnall. Being a sculptor, print maker, painter and illustrator allows Chisnall to vary and channel the outcomes when exploring and transforming recycled and found objects into eclectic collections, super curious, super imposing and empowering art works.

The works are made with materials that are steeped in memory and infused with familiarity. Inspired by his precise yet free-flowing sketches, Chisnall's darkly humorous sculptures frequently evolve out of a process-led dialogue between the subconscious and his chosen materials. Allowing the work to rebel and dictate, taking on its own presence. Whilst this process allows for unexpected jumps in the direction of the work, a strong 'organic meets geometric' aesthetic remains. 

Mythological sketches are transformed into compelling constructions and organic forms. Detailed instructions alongside these drawings are often left for months or even years before they coalesce into final objects or forms. 

The exhibition runs until Monday 4th March and we will be open late on Thursday 28th until 9pm for Fitzrovia Lates. Come join us for a drink and a chat with the artist.