Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Pomp of Circumstances by Chris Agnew

Chris Agnew's first solo exhibition is currently in its second week at Nancy Victor. The show has recieved very high attention and some great reviews. 

Each original drawing is completed by using a mechanical pencil and a nail file to achieve that precise and exquisite detail. Giclee and risograph prints are also available for a very affordable price.

The exhibition presents a series of works that operate on the understanding that belief systems – be they philosophical, ideological or religious – are largely based on a labyrinth of accidents, mistranslations, pseudo-scientific reasoning and dogmatic entrapment. 
More images can be found here
The show runs until Friday 6th July.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Helen Murgatroyd's Home Harvesting

The video above shows an assembly line of home made printing jigs to duplicate an image of a bowl of fruit. Set across 5 tabletops the prints were moved individually through each workstation in a large batch of 120.

In july Helen Murgatroyd will be presenting us with a home grown installation involving toilet rolls, a hand made printing jig and a mass of corgeuttes! Repetition and small-scale mass production is a central theme in Helen's practise which explores self-sufficient printing techniques and fruit & vegetables.

Courgette Harvest, Friday 13th July - 3rd August
Private View: Thursday 12th July 6 - 8pm.