Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Call out for artists

Submit your t-shirt designs to Nancy Victor for an upcoming show in October supporting 'Handmade Britain!' All designs are welcome and should be submitted to rachael@nancyvictor.com. The show aims to support the individual designer by developing a two week exhibition combining pure design along the sleeve of creativity, pushing the boundaries of Nancy Victor Gallery as a contemporary art hub maintaining its ethos towards creative activity. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Upcoming show by Joanna Mires

From October 4th Joanna Mires will be exhibiting a recreation of a series of vintage Avon perfume bottles which depict a host of animals. Where once these bottles were attractive but essentially practical containers, they are now mere ornaments; far from reducing them to something crass, this elevates them to the level of fine art.

The result is a celebration of classic design that is comfortably mystifying, since until you know that these are slightly larger castings of Avon perfume bottles, all you see is a pristine petrified menagerie and that parade of animals unfolds like a curious dream. The secret to Joanna's work, however, is greater than the objects themselves: even when you have seen the works before, you are constantly delighted by their arrangement, since the objects come together to create site-specific installations.

Private View: Thursday 4th October
Show runs until Friday 19th October

Friday, 7 September 2012

Zeus's Pop Up Show

Last night Zeus's Pop Up Show 'amazed' the crowds with new works which explore urban compositions juxtaposing street art with architecture.

Amaze Part 1, 2012, 125cm x 122cm

Each sculpture encompasses light and shadow presenting a unique transposable outcome dependant on the positioning and light source. The experiment to present an unfixed shadow is essential to these architectural forms as they play upon the persona of a city and it’s transitioning of time.

The cardboard structures are all hand cut to create a simple yet realistic composition.

The open structural frames allow the light to playfully bounce between each line, depicting specific shadows  to create a second form. 

Zeus's Pop Up show is open until Friday 28th September. Check out Nancy Victor for more details and news about up coming shows.