Thursday, 16 October 2014

Satirism - sat??? ?z(?)m: A solo show by Nick Smith, hosted by ArtDog London

'Satirism - sat??? ?z(?)m' will be exhibited from Monday 13th - Saturday 18th October. Opening times 10am-6pm, Saturday 12-6pm

Head for the horizon, i'll meet you there: a solo show by Alice Stallard

 The objects that people carry with them are investigated and interpreted by Alice Stallard in this solo exhibition. Loved and weathered, these often ordinary and everyday objects, carry great importance for their keepers and trigger memories of past adventures, hopes and dreams. Stallard delves into this notion weaving rich and colourful narratives around the objects, hinting at or exposing their talismanic presence.

Alice Stallard is a London-based artist who has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. Her neon piece was recently shortlisted for the Winter Pride Art Award (London). She has had solo exhibitions at the Chelsea Arts Club (London) and been selected for group shows hosted by Print Club (London). 

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 28 October to Monday 3 November 2014

Private View: Thursday 30 October, 6-8pm. RSVP: Alice Stallard:
Opening times: Monday > Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday 12 noon to 6pm

Friday, 10 October 2014

'Satirism - sat??? ?z(?)m' a solo show by Nick Smith

Presented by ArtDog London, 'Satirism - sat??? ?z(?)m' will be exhibited from Monday 13th - Saturday 18th October. Opening times 10am-6pm, Saturday 12-6pm
Nick Smith has an MA in product design.  He originally started his degree designing cars but wanting something with a wider scope moved to product design. He has a successful career as an interior design architect for hotels, bars, restaurants and ships. Working with Patone Colour samples in his day job ignited the idea of reductive art down to the basic elements while leaving intact the iconic recognisability. 

In Target Practice Nick has taken the soup can making a Warholian screen print and shooting it full of holes with a shot gun (which had to be done in Canada as he could not get permission to do it anywhere in the UK).   Hence, taking pot shots at Warhol in the form of what is most commonly used as practice fodder for gun enthusiasts, soup cans.   

Private View: Thursday 16th October, 6-8pm. 
Nancy Victor, 6 Charlotte Place, London, W1T 1SG

Flesh Leontia Gallery Pop up

Flesh was the first exhibition from London based pop up Leontia Gallery. 
Exhibiting  artists were Magnus Gjoen, Flora Borsi, Mariska Karto and Maria Koshenkova.

The artworks explored our experience of being a body and our complex relationship
with our own flesh, whilst also unlocking themes of alienation, fantasies, desire and destruction.

More information about the Leontia Gallery can be read here.