Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Courgette Shop is Now Open!

The Courgette Shop started it's journey in April 2012 in the North Cornish town of Bude.
The accumulation of cardboard toilet rolls began with collection boxes amd notices being placed in schools, cafes, village shops and places of work in Bude and the surrounding villages.

Once enough cardboard toilet rolls had been collected and catalogued the painting process began. A handmade printing jig was assembled to create 5 painting stations. Each courgette started with a layer of green, then two thick dark green stripes, followed by 8 painted lines, then pencil lines in 3 different colours, and finally a series of yellow painted dots.

There are 100 hand assembled, screen printed boxes complete with handmade labels each containing 28 courgettes, weighing in at 425-445g.

It took 90 seconds to grow and harvest each of the 2800 courgettes culminating in a 3D print installation which sits somewhere between a fruit shop and a recycling centre. 
The Exhibition runs until Friday 3rd August. Visit helenmurgatroyd.co.uk for more homemade printing jigs, fruit and veg!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mark Hayward's 'Little People'

For his first solo show at NancyVictor, Mark Hayward will be showing existing works including animations, screen prints and paintings alongside new works.
Through painting, animation and print Mark explores themes of identity and the individual using his faceless comic characters to construct fantasies that are at once both strange and familiar. With a sense of the documentary his on going body of work builds into a catalogue of characters and comic situations that heavily reference the world around him. Within this basic framework there are themes that Mark returns to, feeling drawn to the military, childhood, national pride and uniform, all of which give a strong visual identity for the artist to play with. His latest paintings are inspired by the Queen's Jubilee celebrations and the ongoing Falkland Islands dispute. 
Private View: Thursday 9th August 6 - 8pm
Show: Friday 10th - 31st August 2012