Thursday, 24 January 2013

Collision - a group show exploring collage and assemblage

Current exhibition, Collision, is a group show exploring collage and mixed media based work. 22 artists were chosen from an open call for submissions and three artists Ellie Geary, Matt Gee and Angel Fernandez Sanchez de la Morena were invited to exhibit. The show aims to complement Tate Britain's Kurt Schwitter's exhibition, 'Schwitters in Britain', and support mixed media artists working in the 21st century. 

Exhibiting artists: Duncan McAfee, Ellie Geary, Angel Fernandez Sanchez de la Morena, Matt Gee, Cheryl Simmons, Christina Kerns, Christopher Eyles, Emanuela Santini, George Myers, JFM Masson, Ian Kirkpatrick, JV Aranda, Kadie Schmidt-Hackenberg, Kate Keara Pelen, Kraggy, Mo Awwad, Maria Christoforatou, Raksha Patel, Sarah Choo, Andrew Thomas, Janet Curley Cannon, Nicholas James Lockyer, Jon Pilkington, Henny Burnett and Will Nixon.

Collage allows us to investigate boundaries through varying mediums and ideas, exploring and combining new and existing formulas with ones not yet forgotten. The assemblage of recycled, found objects and varying materials fuse together to form outcomes that are forever interrupting our landscape, provoking ambiguity and diverting our way of seeing.

                                     The Mountaineer, JV Aranda

                                                               Duke, Nicholas James Lockyer

                                                               Berry Invasion, Ellie Geary

The shows runs until Monday 4th February. 
There is a price list and full artist work and biographies available to download on our website. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Upcoming Shows for 2013

We have a jam packed and exciting programme for 2013 with several solo and group shows and an exhibition of selected artists from an open submission. 

To start the new year we present Jordan Rodgers, currently shortlisted for The Aesthetica Art Prize 2013. New Babylon is a series of work presenting cross-disciplinary drawing involving architectural visualisation as part of research, images and thoughts in re-shaping the sense of a designed city.
From 9th - 18th January

'Collision' is an exhibition exploring the work of mixed media artists working in the 21st century. Through an open call for entries, 24 artists all working with collage and mixed media have been selected to take part in this two week exhibition. The selected artists draw themes upon the environment, landscape, culture, fiction, identity, history, space and much more.
From 23rd January - 4th February

We are delighted to be exhibiting a collection of works by Wayne Chisnall. This solo show will explore the reworking and assemblage of found objects, memory, organic forms, containment, possession and the functional aesthetics of nature, taking the viewer on a striking journey into the workings of the artists mind adding a pinch of magic and humour along the way.
From Thursday 7th February - 4th March

More dates for the diary...

7th March - 8th April: Sam Bassett

11th - 29th April: Geoff Diego Litherland

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require more information about upcoming shows. Contact Rachael /