Monday, 26 November 2012

NV curates a group show for december

'It's a wonderful life' is a showcase of dynamic and curious works that explore architecture, nostalgia, preservation and myth using recycled wood, print, paint, ceramics, wire and steel. The works transform the space to create a magical atmosphere within the depths of winter; the outcomes from each artist truly affirming 'it's a wonderful life'. 

Contributing artists include: Chris Agnew, Wayne Chisnall, Mary Dalton, Charlotte Dredge, Lesley Hilling, Suzanne Jamieson, Tony Lee, Louis Masai, Joanna Mires, Chisel & Mouse, Cliona O'Neill, Jackie Palmer, Sam Shendi and David Shillinglaw. 

Join us on Wednesday 12th December for a glass of prosecco and a mince pie from 6 - 8pm. 

Show runs until 3rd January 2013. 

*Please note that we will be closed for the holidays from 24th December - 2nd January. 

The Pencil Case Thieves are operating in this area!

Louis Masai has transformed the Nancy Victor gallery into an Afrocentric jungle of paintings, drawings,  prints and sculpture. There are over 80 pieces of new work, all adorning an African fabric pattern within each subject. 

There are 40 resin cast taxidermy hand painted 'Pencil case thieves'. Each piece represents a country in Africa and is decorated with a different fabric pattern. 

Installation impression of the artists studio, full of pens, maps of Africa, sketches and collected Ethiopian beetles!

The show is on until Friday 7th December. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

AfroFabRicatiOn opens Friday 16th Nov

Louis Masai's 'AfroFabRicatiOn' opens next Friday 16th November from 10am. 

Louis is presenting a collection of new works which explore ways to merge animal and fabric. Focusing on African fabric patterns, the works take form from the mediums of paint, ink, sculpture, prints, and wood/leather cuts.

Louis believes the greatest distinction between man and animal is our lack of colour, and pattern. The animal kingdom is full of incredible colours and elaborate patterns. Mankind has adorned themselves in garments that mimic this attribute. AfroFabRicatiOn explores giving the animal, the fabric patterns. In doing so the viewer questions why the animal has been adorned with this human textile and in turn remembers that we don’t process this flamboyant look without first creating it.

Private View: Thursday 15th November - RSVP is essential, contact:
Show: Friday 16th November – Friday 7th December
Late Opening: Thursday 29th November 6 – 9pm