Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Upcoming Solo Show by Chris Agnew, 8th June - 6th July

                                                                        The road we took to avoid it, pencil on paper, 2012
'The Pomp of Circumstances' presents a series of works that operate on the understanding that belief systems – be they philosophical, ideological or religious – are largely based on a labyrinth of accidents, mistranslations, pseudo-scientific reasoning and dogmatic entrapment.  

In his first solo show at Nancy Victor, Agnew employs the tools of polemical hindsight and sceptical foresight with a collection of drawings, etchings and paintings. With multiple references to apocalyptic prophecies and absurd theories, the exhibition pays homage to these seemingly inconsequential components of civilization and insists that they are of paramount importance to a free thinking society.

Private View: Thursday 7th June, 6-8pm

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