Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Paintings, Prints and Animations by Mark Hayward

Mark Hayward's solo show at Nancy Victor opened last week and exhibits a eclectic mix of original paintings, archival prints and two animations. Mark explores themes of identity and the individual using his faceless comic characters to construct fantasies that are at once, both strange and familiar. 

Still's from Air-Raid 2009. Each frame was hand drawn on paper. Audio accompanies the piece. 

Within this basic framework of the work there are themes that Mark returns to, feeling drawn to the military, childhood, national pride and uniform, all of which give a strong visual identity for the artist to play with.

Little Tank is a limited addition lino cut available at a very affordable price.

There will be a chance to talk to Mark about his work during a live printing session on Thursday 30th August from 6-9pm. This will be in conjunction with the Fitzrovia Lates initiative. 
The show is on until Friday 31st August. Check out Nancy Victor for more details. 

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