Friday, 14 September 2012

Upcoming show by Joanna Mires

From October 4th Joanna Mires will be exhibiting a recreation of a series of vintage Avon perfume bottles which depict a host of animals. Where once these bottles were attractive but essentially practical containers, they are now mere ornaments; far from reducing them to something crass, this elevates them to the level of fine art.

The result is a celebration of classic design that is comfortably mystifying, since until you know that these are slightly larger castings of Avon perfume bottles, all you see is a pristine petrified menagerie and that parade of animals unfolds like a curious dream. The secret to Joanna's work, however, is greater than the objects themselves: even when you have seen the works before, you are constantly delighted by their arrangement, since the objects come together to create site-specific installations.

Private View: Thursday 4th October
Show runs until Friday 19th October

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