Thursday, 8 November 2012

AfroFabRicatiOn opens Friday 16th Nov

Louis Masai's 'AfroFabRicatiOn' opens next Friday 16th November from 10am. 

Louis is presenting a collection of new works which explore ways to merge animal and fabric. Focusing on African fabric patterns, the works take form from the mediums of paint, ink, sculpture, prints, and wood/leather cuts.

Louis believes the greatest distinction between man and animal is our lack of colour, and pattern. The animal kingdom is full of incredible colours and elaborate patterns. Mankind has adorned themselves in garments that mimic this attribute. AfroFabRicatiOn explores giving the animal, the fabric patterns. In doing so the viewer questions why the animal has been adorned with this human textile and in turn remembers that we don’t process this flamboyant look without first creating it.

Private View: Thursday 15th November - RSVP is essential, contact:
Show: Friday 16th November – Friday 7th December
Late Opening: Thursday 29th November 6 – 9pm 

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