Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's a wonderful life

It's a wonderful life opens next Wednesday 12th December. We are excited to be exhibiting the following artists:
Tony Lee creates visually arresting images influenced by the artwork of tribal and ancient cultures. Each print is hand drawn; a controlled doodle, then produced by the process of screen-printing to add colour and background. 

Chris Agnew explores the construction and deconstruction of belief systems, through complex drawings and a self-developed technique of etching into icon panels with intricate painted details.

Jackie Palmer creates sculpture in wire, ceramics and mixed media. These intricate and detailed vessels are first influenced by drawings, when made from tightly constructed wire they take on a form of their own.

Lesley Hilling uses recycled wood to create something new from objects that once had a different life. These constructions, varying in size become artefacts of memory, preserving recollections and forgotten treasures.

Joanna Mires produces slip cast ceramic installations exploring ownership, nostalgia and collection. These limited edition penguins are handmade, each with a different painted transfer.  

Through thought provoking design, Sam Shendi captures every day displays of human nature and emotions through sculpture, making us reflect upon our actions. 

Suzanne Jamieson’s porcelain boxes follow a fascination with the process of the evolution of form. Each box is unique in that it takes upon a form of its own by not being able to control the colour and shape.  

Chisel & Mouse use their enthusiasm and admiration for architecture to create architectural models of beautiful buildings. Each model is individually crafted and handmade.

Charlotte Dredge collects and gathers objects of second hand memories including letters and postcards to create delicate ceramics with a sense of sentimentality.

Cliona O’Neill likes to doodle and illustrate song lyrics that float her boat and are constantly swimming in her head. She also likes screen-printing and the happy accidents it produces.

Mary Dalton explores the supply and demand bound by society and the basic activities of producing home grown products through printmaking and drawing.  
Louis Masai explores the concept of human as animal through the painting of anthropomorphised creatures – adorning them with sentiment, attributes and paraphernalia of the modern world.

David Shillinglaw says that “Life is a struggle. For everyone. From the smallest insect to the greatest beast, we are determined by the success we seek, and how, in turn we measure that success. Each of us experiencing ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Like a game of snakes and ladders.”

Wayne Chisnall is a sculptor, painter, printer and illustrator. His complex drawings are transformed into supernatural, compelling constructions made from recycled wood and ephemera. 

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