Thursday, 12 December 2013

Back to Front: Nettie Wakefield and Ed Haslam

Back to Front is a two-person exhibition of drawings by Nettie Wakefield and Edward Haslam presented by Something in the attic, a pop up gallery based in London. 

Both artists have worked in conjunction for the first time to produce a new body of figurative portraits revealing the front and back of their subjects. Nettie’s work captures a focused representation of the back of the head, a lucid snapshot of reality, whilst Edward’s work subtly subverts reality, exploring an area of the face that is disconnected from the figure. 

The collaboration brings vigour to their respective style, as they play off one another’s ideas in a dialogue that runs through this series of drawings. The intriguing range of subjects who sat for the artists will be revealed in the exhibition. Some were brief encounters, formed on a bus or at a cafĂ©; others have a longstanding history with the artists.

There will be an 8 hour soundtrack played alongside the exhibition each day which has been produced by several artists including Nick Hadfield and Andrew Ashong. 

The exhibition continues until Saturday 14th December. Opening times are Monday - Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 14th December from 12-5.30pm. 

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