Thursday, 25 April 2013

Forthcoming exhibitions at Nancy Victor

Snow of his young life: A solo show by Laurie Storey, Friday 31 May – Monday 10 June 2013
Exploring the manipulation of imagery within contemporary media and tabloid newspapers, this exhibition questions the use of wrought imagery to accommodate a different view point and the theatrical nature within journalism.

The Stories of Food: A solo show by Mary Dalton, Friday 14 – Friday 28 June 2013
Confronting the darker side to food, printmaker Mary Dalton exhibits a series of new works which explore the human relationship with food, what stories it tells and her expressions in response to her experiences with food.

The Wisdom of Escape: A group show by Emily Allchurch, Suzanne Moxhay and Barbara Nati, Thursday 4 – Friday 26 July 2013
Encouraging a fresh look at digital and analogue collage techniques, this exhibition opens a magical new world of chaotic calm and uncanny stillness.

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