Friday, 12 April 2013

We Will Say Goodbye to Everything by Geoff Diego Litherland

Nancy Victor is delighted to present We Will Say Goodbye to Everything, a solo show by Geoff Diego Litherland, from Friday 12 April to Monday 29 April 2013 

In this exhibition, Litherland presents new elements to his ever- expanding alternative universe in the form of octagonal paintings alongside laser engraved maps and fictional explorers. 

Litherland combines traditional genres of painting with the surrealism of science fiction and the fantasia of abstraction. Through paint and carefully guided compositions, parallel worlds are carefully composed and constructed, setting a tone that questions human perception and relationship to nature.The work inhabits a post-apocalyptic world where nature is a mirage, being supported in a very tenuous way, offering a sense of an ecological disaster. 

Space Ship Earth, (window 4) I was Here, 2013

Space Ship Earth, (window 1) Heaven Go Easy On Me, 2013

Geoff Diego Litherland is a Mexican born artist based in London and Nottingham. Having spent his early years in Bolivia and Ecuador he moved to England and graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2002 with a first class honors degree in Fine Art Painting and completed an MFA at Goldsmiths in 2012.
The exhibition runs until Monday 29th April. On Thursday 25th April we will be open until 9pm as part of the Fitzrovia Lates initiative. 

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