Thursday, 27 June 2013

Test Space heads to Nancy Victor

Test Space will be exhibiting 'Found' at Nancy Victor from Wednesday 31st July - Monday 19th August. 

Found and recycled objects hold personal histories and interactions which can be used and built upon to create a new life, new associations or narrative. Each exhibiting art work has been painted, sprayed or built onto found materials, be it skate decks, tree stumps, speakers or baseball bats.

The exhibition shows work by a selection of artists Test Space have worked with previously, alongside a number of artists who were invited to exhibit including: Benjamin Murphy, Pogger, Ferres, Suzko, International Nobody, SixOneSix  and Captain Kris. 

Test Space is a creative agency established in 2010, developing innovative and new ways to showcase artists and their work, often making use of temporary, unusual and abandoned property to do this. 

Join us for the opening on Thursday 1st August from 6.30-8.30pm

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