Monday, 17 June 2013

The Stories of Food by Mary Dalton

The Stories of Food, print maker Mary Dalton's debut solo show at Nancy Victor opened at the weekend. There was a tasty selection of cakes and tea to welcome those out of the rain. Monoprints, etchings, wood cuts and textile make this an exciting yet dark exhibition about an essential for every day life.   

Seed Watching, 2012

Mary Dalton's work is enthused and inspired by food, what it means to us and how we treat and consume it. Dalton's previous work at London's Borough Market and teaching the homeless is used to inspire her art works, allowing them to often take on a form of their own. Large abstract figures are drawn loosely within a narrative, whether it be growing food to consuming it. 

Seed Sprouting, 2012

Dalton describes food as being a conundrum. For many it is pleasure, comfort or joy but for others it is pain, anguish and hardship, being both greed and hunger. 

The Destruction of Land at the Street (Community Market Garden) 2013

Fabric and textile are also exhibited alongside the print works. These pieces are an extended canvas from the printing press, a second outcome for a larger narrative. The fragility of embroidery and disembodied figures play homage to and fully encapsulates the spirit of this exhibition, encouraging us to think differently about the way we use food in daily life.

How Greed and Hunger ate each other, 2013

Embracing the Surplace, selection of prints

Oyster Eating II, 2011 and Oyster Hunger Mushroom Faces, 2013

The Stories of Food continues until Friday 28th June 2013.  Nancy Victor is open from 12-7pm Monday - Friday. 

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